Sarah & Tom started the journey in Toronto, Ontario. Opening its first location in the downtown Koreatown district, early 2009. It wasn’t always the Kpop and anime store we know today; originally, the idea was to bring forth Korean and Japanese stationery, but noted customers started asking for more Kpop and Kpop-related items. Branching out a bit, the Yonge St. location in Toronto opened its doors in Spring of 2012. Wanting to expand a little further, outside Ontario; the Montreal location opened near the end of 2016. And then further east, opened up in Halifax Spring 2018. When covid hit, the store decided they wanted to have an online presence for Kpop products. That’s when the real ideas came together for creating a website; starting the process but taking a step back because the opportunity came up to open two more locations: Hamilton, Ontario in Spring 2022 and Quebec City, Quebec in Spring 2023. Along with the help of amazing staff we have finally been able to launch Kpop World to bring the love of Kpop all across Canada.


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